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Back to half-marathon training!

Last... Last Sunday was Oscar Sunday. I published my predictions and for the most part I was...WRONG! Ugh this was not my year haha. I did go with my gut and picked Moonlight to win Best Picture and it did! (That... Continue Reading →


Oscar Sunday

Today is February 26, 2017 the day of the 2017 Oscars!   It also happens to be the Sunday before I go back to work from a week long February Break. Shoutout to the whoever started February break for the... Continue Reading →

Turning 28!

Friday (February 24th) was my 28th birthday! WOO!!! A colleague of mine described it as part of "the slow clap" years to approaching 30. TRUTH! I would sum the weekend up in one quote (that's conveniently on a sweatshirt I own): "No... Continue Reading →

2017 Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge

On January first I spent the day thinking about all the great new things I would do this year!  


This blog is a way for me to continue turning running, healthy eating, and some quiet time with a book into a hobby. It's a way to take these off the "to do" list and put them on my "get to do" list.

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