Today is February 26, 2017 the day of the 2017 Oscars!



It also happens to be the Sunday before I go back to work from a week long February Break. Shoutout to the whoever started February break for the schools in Massachusetts! It really should be a national thing! So while I’m spending as much of this day as I can on the couch it also means I have to get back to meal planning and prepping.

Every Sunday I prep lunches for the week. I will admit that I eat the same thing for lunch all 5 days. It honestly doesn’t bother me mostly because if I didn’t then I would have to do a lot more work on Sundays. So for lunch this week I’ll be having 20 Minute Honey Garlic Shrimp with rice and roasted brussels sprouts (brussels sprouts will be seasoned with curry powdered. This is pretty good and actually makes them a little sweet!)

20 Minute Honey Garlic Shrimp Recipe:

NOTE: I double the recipe to make sure I have enough for 5 lunches

I also spend Sunday creating a dinner menu for the week. I then go to the grocery store and buy everything I need for the week. This means no mid-week trips to the grocery store AND eliminates me having to decide what to make for dinner after a long work day. Since it’s just my husband and me, I plan to make two meals a week and the other two days we have left overs. We often eat the same meal two days in a row because of our work schedules. It’s easiest for me to come home and start dinner early on Mondays and Wednesdays. Do what works for you! The big thing I’ve learned is that if cooking and meal prep to too hard I won’t do it. So I choose ease! 

This week’s menu:

  • Sunday: Cheese, sausage, crackers, and wine while watching the Oscars!
  • Monday: Thai Cashew Chicken with Rice
  • Tuesday: Thai Cashew Chicken Leftovers
  • Wednesday: Lemon Roasted Salmon with Sweet Potatoes and Broccolini
  • Thursday: Leftovers
  • Friday: I DON’T COOK ON FRIDAYS! (Time for take out or visit a local restaurant)
  • Saturday: I have all Saturday to figure that out!

Thai Cashew Chicken Recipe:

Lemon Roasted Salmon Recipe:

I live for the Oscars! I make a point to go see highly rated movies throughout the year in anticipation for this night. Plus it makes me feel better about watching shall we say “less stimulating” moves. This year there lots of great movies were made and many of them were released fairly recently. It’s been a busy couple of months!

That being said I’m embarrassed to say that my movie going has dropped off the last few weeks and my husband and I were unable to see quite a few. We didn’t even make it to the screening of the nominated animated and live action shorts at our local theater! This really is unusual folks!

Sadly this year I’m going into my ballot pretty blind and relying a little more on others’ predictions instead of my own. Nonetheless here are my picks for the 2017 Oscars: (with a little commentary)

  • Best Picture: Moonlight (Yes LaLa Land will probably win but Moonlight was way better and deserves to win. I’m voting for that! Also, it’s predicted to be a split year so the fact that I’ve chosen Moonlight for Best Picture AND Best Directing probably means I’ll lose at least one of those categories.)
  • Best Actor: Denzel Washington, Fences
  • Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali, Moonlight
  • Best Actress: Emma Stone, LaLa Land
  • Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis, Fences
  • Best Animated Film: Zootopia (I think it’s a close call between that and Moana)
  • Best in Cinematography: LaLa Land
  • Best in Costume Design: Jackie (I have to break away from the LaLa Land sweep)
  • Best Directing: Moonlight (It’s predicted to be a split year, the winner of Best Directing and Best Picture will NOT be the same)
  • Best Documentary (Feature): O.J.: Made in America
  • Best Documentary (Short Subject): Jose’s Violin
  • Best in Film Editing: Moonlight (Again people are saying this should go to Moonlight but will instead go to the sweeping LaLa Land. The editing for Moonlight was incredible and truly added to the overall film.)
  • Best Foreign Language Film: The Salesman, Iran
  • Best in Makeup and Hairstyling: Star Trek Beyond
  • Best Music (original score): LaLa Land
  • Best Music (original song): “How Far I’ll Go” Moana (Not quite the sure vote that “Let It Go” was in 2014)
  • Best Production Design: LaLa Land (I really think Arrival could win this though)
  • Best Animated Short Film: Piper
  • Best Live Action Short Film: Ennemis Interieurs
  • Best in Sound Editing: Hacksaw Ridge
  • Best in Sound Mixing: LaLa Land
  • Best in Visual Effects: The Jungle Book
  • Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay): Moonlight (It’s said that if Hidden Figures is to win it will be here.)
  • Best Writing (Original Screenplay): Manchester by the Sea (Boston pride!)

In summary:

  • Moonlight was all-around incredible! It won’t get the credit it deserves.
  • Arrival blew my mind! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a movie that has made me think that the much. I’m sad that it too won’t get the credit it should.
  • Manchester by the Sea was a beautiful film that realistically depicted grief and the dealing with life experiences that can and cannot be overcome. It would be great to see this honest and realistic movie win at least once tonight.
  • Hidden Figures was the ultimate GIRL POWER movie of the year! Everyone should see it. It really makes you think about how many other “hidden figures” are in our country’s past and present!
  • And finally, I already hate myself for picking LaLa Land so many times. Yes it was a good movie but I don’t think it was good enough to sweep. It’s like The Artist all over again. It’s going to get a lot of attention because it’s a modern movie made in a classic hollywood style.

You can print your own ballot here:

That’s it, my predictions are in. Now we wait!

Take what you love and run with it!