Last Sunday was Oscar Sunday. I published my predictions and for the most part I was…WRONG! Ugh this was not my year haha. I did go with my gut and picked Moonlight to win Best Picture and it did! (That is after some slight confusion.) It truly was a fantastic movie! If you haven’t seen it DO!

Last week was awful! It was the first full week back from February Break and it was a struggle. The first week back is always tough because everyone is tired and some students forget how to act at school. The cherry on top…we were working on finishing up our projects for our Ancient Egypt Festival that happened on Friday. So that added to the already chaotic week. It ended up being a fantastic event. Students shared their research brochures they made with their families trying to persuade their reader to visit three landmarks in Egypt that were created during ancient times. Students then guided their parents through our “burial-chamber” (aka the conference room) that all three classes worked together to create. It was great! One class made a  sarcophagus with a mummy inside. My class used brown paper to create the “wall paintings” that consisted of hieroglyphs, scenes from the “pharaoh’s life”, and pictures of the gods/goddesses. The third class created the items that were buried with the pharaoh to help them in the after life (games, clothing, food, canopic jars,etc.) They even made a trap door to put next to the conference room to throw off tomb robbers! It was awesome to see the creativity come out from every third grader! (We had to quickly tear down the burial chamber on Friday after school due to a large meeting Monday morning so we of course didn’t get a picture of the whole thing but here are a few.)



This week brings a lot! It’s going to be one crazy week at work and the start of half-marathon training. How am I preparing you ask? By having a VERY relaxing Sunday. My husband and I often have this dilemma on Sundays and it usually goes like this:

“Ugh this week is going to be hell! There’s so much to do and I’m going to be busy all week long. I can’t decide how to spend Sunday. Should I do work today and maybe make this week minimally less busy OR should I relax and rest up for the week?”

And every time our answer is: RELAX AND REST UP FOR THE WEEK! I’m someone who needs to have a balance and I know that if I go into a busy week already tired or overwhelmed by work I’m not going to be as productive. So instead I’m going to spend today getting any and all distractions out of the way. I’m going to clean, go grocery shopping, meal plan, and watch tv. That way those things are done and out of my system allowing me to be ready to tackle the week head on and only focus on the work that needs to be done!

This week’s menu plan: *Recipes are at the bottom of this post.

  • Lunches/Sunday: Pulled Pork with baked sweet potatoes and roasted cauliflower
  • Monday: Cucumber Noodle Greek Salad with chicken and feta cheese (Thanks to my sister for sending me this recipe!)
  • Tuesday: Leftovers
  • Wednesday: Cheddar-Stuffed Burgers with oven baked potatoes and raw veggies
    • *NOTE: Wednesday’s dinner plan is a little more complex. I often use Wednesdays as a mid-week break (nicknamed “Hygge Wednesday”) and spend some extra time in the evening cooking dinner and relaxing.
  • Thursday: Leftovers
  • Friday: Please…I DON’T COOK ON FRIDAYS!

This week half-marathon training begins! I am running Boston’s Run to Remember on Sunday May 28th so after about a month and half off of serious running it’s time to get back to it. This race is one of my favorite half marathons. It is a small local race that goes from the Seaport, throughout downtown Boston, into Cambridge by The Charles River, and back. It’s beautiful and FLAT!! While this is a great course to use for a PR my purpose for running will be to get my mileage back up.

I trained hard this past fall and winter. In October I ran my first full marathon (4:50:47). I then worked towards a half-marathon PR for the Arizona Rock n Roll half in January. All of that speed work paid off because I was able to join the “sub-two hour club” by running a half-marathon PR of 1:55:07. So after a long “running season” I decided it was time to take a break from running and focus on strength training, which is exactly what I did. It’s been great! I’ve gone on a few 3 mile runs and each time I was excited to go because I was doing it on my terms and at whatever pace my body could handle. Just like with other things in life you sometimes have to take a break from running, and more specifically training, so you don’t get burnt out.

Oh and by the way that 1:55:07 PR is currently the fastest in our household so my husband will be trying to beat that at Boston’s Run to Remember. One of the best parts of our relationship is the support we give each other, especially in our fitness. We love celebrating fitness goals and PRs with each other. However, we’re also a little competitive–especially when it comes to race times.

This week begins the 12 week climb to 13.1 miles. Since my focus is mileage and getting back my long distance running rhythm I’ll be using the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Half Marathon training schedule. I’ve used this before and love it. I’ve also used the Novice 1 Marathon training program and the Intermediate 2 Half-Marathon training program for my PR. I highly recommend these plans. I’ve always had success AND have been injury free which is so important! **I promise I’m not getting paid I just really love these training schedules.

Link to these training programs:

This week’s training schedule will be a little different due to the CrossFit Open. For the next 4 weeks I’ll be completing the Open workout on Friday evenings with my team (see “Oscar Sunday” post to learn more). With a heavy workout on Friday night that changes my weekend run long plans.

So this week I’m going to start with the follow plan:

  • Monday: CrossFit
  • Tuesday: Run (3 miles), CrossFit
  • Wednesday: Light jog or cross training
  • Thursday: Run (3 miles)
  • Friday: CrossFit-17.3 Open Workout
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Long Run (4 miles)

I’ll see how it goes and make any necessary changes the following week. I’m challenging myself to stay consistent with my strength training (CrossFit) throughout this training cycle. CrossFit has pushed me to become a stronger runner but most importantly an INJURY FREE RUNNER!!! It’s been an amazing! I’ve previously struggled with injuries but have now successfully trained for and completed a marathon AND a half marathon PR. There’s no way my body could have handled that a year ago.

So if you’re reading this and you’re a runner struggling with injuries or a runner who doesn’t do much strength training (no judgement I was that person) start now! It doesn’t have to be CrossFit. You could do barre, yoga, strength classes at your gym, or various circuit programs found online. But start doing something! From someone who went YEARS without strength training it really has been (running) life changing!

Time to relax! With my training schedule and menu planned it’s time to finish up the weekly prep (grocery store, laundry, lunch prep, and clean) leaving my Sunday evening free to charge up for the week. I can see Netflix and wine in my future!

Cheers to a productive week!

This week’s recipes:


Take what you love and run with it!